Buddy Bench Benefits

Buddy Bench Benefits

Cadence and the buddy benchShy 1st Grader Fundraises for “Buddy Bench” to Help Students Make Friends
Read the story about a shy first-grader who began a journey raising money to assist students just like her at three schools in Texas who might need help making new friendships. Learn more about this brave youngster and her story.

Read Her Story

The Buddy Bench Story

How Does The Buddy Bench Work?

If you are sitting on the bench …

You are looking for a friend. When someone asks you to play, join them, and always remember to glance over at the school's Buddy Bench to invite new friends to join in on the fun.

If you are not sitting on the bench …

Ask your classmate on the buddy bench to play, and make a new friend today! Keep growing your circle of friends until everyone has someone to play with. :)
4 Reasons To Sit On The Buddy Bench
1. If you are new to the school.
2. If you want to make new friends.
3. If your friends aren't at school that day.
4. If you want to play something different than what your friend is playing.
Make Buddies Not Bullies
Every seven minutes a child is bullied, according to an estimate by the U.S. Department of Justice. Promote inclusion – don't let your school's playground be a statistic. Give students a safe space to eliminate loneliness and foster friendships.

Want to Get a Bench Now?

TreeTop Products wants to help spread the Buddy Bench Movement across America. If you are interested in a Buddy Bench for your playground, check out the engraved recycled plastic benches or the laser cut plastic-coated steel bench.

Need to Fundraise for a Bench?

Visit our Buddy Bench Fundraising Ideas page for low-cost and low-maintenance ways to earn money for your school’s new Buddy Bench.

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