Left Turn Calming - Bike Channelization Kit

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Protect cyclists with proven life-saving solution

  • Install where one-way road meets a one-way with a protected bike lane
  • Consists of three speed bumps installed to form a Bike Island Channelization Box
  • Use adjacent to a protected bike lane to safeguard cyclists and effectively reduce traffic fatalities and injuries at a left turn
  • Kit consists of two 6’ speed bumps and one 10’ speed bump that creates a Bike Island Channelization Box on left side of street
  • The complete treatment should consist of a marked “No Parking” zone on left side of street before crosswalk and a Bike Island Channelization Box with three installed speed bumps
  • New York City Department of Transportation installed Treetop Products Bike Channelization Kits at 31 locations to reduce fatality or seriously injured rates
  • Compared to bollards, speed bumps are more durable and easier to maintain, saving labor and replacement costs while achieving the same effect, if not better
  • Premium Speed Bumps made from high-intensity, impact-resistant recycled rubber
  • Rugged 14" wide rubber bump conforms to pavement
  • Installs flush to the ground with hardware holes on either side of speed bumps
  • Textured rubber surface is non-slip, UV-resistant and anti-fade
  • Molded Yellow rubber stripes provide maximum visibility to alert motorists
  • Embedded cat eye reflectors add extra visibility at night
  • Modular design allows for easy installation and removal for storage or relocation
  • Includes free hardware suitable for asphalt and concrete installations
  • Use of included speed bump end caps is required to achieve the greatest product longevity
  • Guaranteed against breakage for 15 years
  • See TreetopProducts.com/Safe-Turn for more information


Model NameBike Channelization Left Turn Kit
Mount TypeSurface Mount
Overall Dimensions14"W x 2.25"H

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