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Recycled Plastic

How many milk jugs does it take to make one of these recycled plastic benches? We have no idea! The important part is you’ll be able to outfit your company or organization with new outdoor benches that are virtually maintenance-free. Recycled plastic benches are durable, attractive and are a cost-effective solution for the entire lifespan of your bench, which could be 50+ years!

Advantages of a recycled plastic bench from The Bench Factory:

Recycled plastic benches are incredibly versatile, and can be installed by the sea or at the top of a mountain. Here are some of the key benefits of a recycled plastic bench from The Bench Factory:

  • “Going green” means saving green – prices are guaranteed to be the lowest you’ll find
  • Many are guaranteed against breakage for 50 years
  • No rotting, splintering or cracking – less maintenance than wood
  • Ideal for parks, campgrounds, commercial locations and more
  • Variety of colors and frames
  • Prices can’t be beat!

    At The Bench Factory, we know that price and value are incredibly important to you. Staying within budget is not only a good idea, it is also crucial to the continued operation of your business or organization. Let us help you find recycled plastic benches that meet your design needs, as well as your budget.