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Residential Benches


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These nearly indestructible benches are designed for high traffic locations that demand heavy-duty construction and practically zero maintenance. Concrete benches are perfect for your park or garden installation, and even work well in indoor locations that favor stout construction and heavyweight performance.

Concrete benches offer durable construction and minimal maintenance

Making the decision to install a concrete bench at your facility, outdoor play area, or park means you’ll enjoy the following key benefits:

  • Durable construction – typically using steel reinforced concrete
  • Smooth or exposed aggregate finishes available
  • Next to no maintenance – simply hose it down if it gets dirty
  • Several styles, from simple geometric shapes to more elaborate curved designs

Unless you are located next door to the Olympic bodybuilding team’s training facility, we’d suggest liftgate delivery service. These benches are heavy – like over 600 lbs. heavy.

Long-lasting Concrete Benches at Incredible Prices!

One heavyweight benefit of a concrete bench from The Bench Factory is the low price guarantee and the standard warranty. You’ll feel secure that your purchase is within budget, and designed to last.